How to start a blog for free and Premium 2020. Beginner Guide

 Blog, a very good platform to make money. You can also make a lot of people earning millions through blogs. Earning from a blog is as difficult as it is easy because here you have to work very patiently.

There is a lot of talk about the blog, there are some truths in it and some lies. I will discuss in detail in this post which you will not find in any other blog. Google Blogger is a free, easy blogging platform that discusses in detail how to get started with useful tools.

If you want to create a blog you need some experience and content. Listed below are what you need for the blog –

You can start a blog in 10 easy steps!

  1. Choose a perfect niche for your blog that you can write about perfectly or in detail.
  2. Choose a blogging platform
  3. Choose a domain for your blog
  4. You will need a Gmail address when creating a blog.
  5. Choose a web hosting account. If you wish because it is not free.
  6. Starting a blog on WordPress, Blogger, Weebly
  7. Select a theme and design your blog
  8. Write content and promote your blog
  9. Monetize your blog with Google Adsense.
  10. Make money blogging

This is what you need to create a free blog, then you can invest some money in your blog if needed.

The name of your blog should be associated with a top-level domain.

You can host your blog by buying hosting as per your wish.

Which is the best hosting in my opinion Bluehost is the best. Because its server never goes down.

To get started, you need to log in to your own Google Account. But if you don’t already have a Gmail account, you can create one here.

How to create a Gmail account?

1. Choose a perfect nicheFirst, you take a good niche that you know very well about niche and can write well.

People read all kinds of articles you can write on any niche. Someone will like your article.

Below are a few niches


Make money online


Lynx website

Movie download website

Digital Marketing

2. Choose a blogging platformNow you need to choose a platform to view your blog on the Internet. If you want to work without spending any money then Google Blogger will be the best for you.

If you want to spend a little money then you can use WordPress, Wax, Weebly, etc. on these sites.

It is important to know that “free” will always have limitations. The name of your blog is observed as a subdomain such as You must be subject to their rules and restrictions.

3. Choose a domain for your blog: When buying a domain, keep in mind that it is better to add a maximum of 10 characters to your domain. Check the domain for easy pronunciation and Google search value.

Domain registration is easy at once by searching directly to and first sign up. Log in now and purchase your domain. Click on this link for details.

4. Choose a web hosting accountYou will need a hosting to submit your blog. Google Blogger does not require hosting. Because you store your blog on Google server. You can purchase your own hosting if you want.

There are thousands of free and premium hosting plans on the internet, some of which I listed.











You can contact if you want to purchase.

Starting a blog on Blogger: Today I will discuss blogger and the rest will be discussed later.

Let’s see how I can create a website through Blogger.

Once logged in, click the nine-dot grid at the top right, and then click the “Blogger” icon.

On this page, click the “Create your blog” button.

After clicking Create your blog, confirm your Gmail ID for the new page.
Type the name of your blog and click next bottom. This is not your real name, you can change it later.

Enter the name of your blog. (This name will appear on every page of your blog)
After entering the name, click “Finish”.
Now, ready to create your blog. Click the “Setting” button to Fill in the required information.
On this page, you need to choose a name, address, email ID, and themes for your blog.
Enter your blog name here. A helpful dropdown shows you what the final address is when you start typing an address.
Publish your blog daily or weekly article in 3 months. Then apply Google Adsense and earn money.

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