Top 10 Profitable Businesses in India with Low Investment. Investment 2, 00,000

It is very difficult to get a government job at this time, so you need to stand on your own feet. Today I can earn good money by doing 10 businesses for the people of the village. Friends, today I am going to tell you about 10 small manufacturing business ideas that you can start this business with less than two lakh investments, and you want whether you live in the village or anywhere in the city, you can earn a lot by doing this business from all these businesses.

 Top 10 Profitable Businesses in Village and Town.

1. Paper Plate Manufacturing Business: After the closure of plastic, the paper industry has seen a lot of booms and the biggest reason for this is that the demand for paper plates has increased a lot. There is no hassle of making a paper plate after the paper is closed, nor is there a risk of breaking if it falls. For this reason, this paper plate is used a lot in all parties, whether small or big. By setting up a manufacturing unit of paper plate, you can earn very well, whether you are from village or city, this business can be started with less investment in both the places. Very good earnings can be made in this and there are possibilities to take this business further. You will get good quality paper plate making machine for 100000 to 15000 rupees in 
Indiamart with great ease, you can check from there.

2. Boll Pen Manufacturing: As you all know that pen is a very important product used in group quantity. It is used everywhere whether it is school, home or office. The use on throw pen is very famous among the most used pens nowadays because it is cheap and durable. Therefore, its demand remains very high in the market. In such a situation, if you want, you can do pen manufacturing business and earn well. What is the Boll pen manufacturing machine, you will get automatic from 150000 lakhs to 200000 lakhs which you can take from indiamart

3. Aluminum Foil Container Manufacturing Business: In today’s time, almost everyone uses aluminum foil container. It is widely used in the food industry to pack all kinds of food. You all know that Food Induce is growing a lot. Due to coming online, people are ordering more food than ever. Packing your food requires a lot of packaging material. So in such a situation, you can start the business of doing aluminum foil container. Container manufacturing machine comes in two types, a fully automatic machine which comes in good quality from 400000 to 1000000 rupees. Second semi-automatic machine which comes in good quality in ₹ 200000 to 3000000, you can buy it from Indiamart

4. Potato Chips Manufacturing Business: In today’s time, there is a best-selling product in salty items, and then it is potato chips. The demand for potato chips always remains in the market that the child likes it, but everyone likes to eat it very much. And its demand always remains in the market that is why many flavors are available in the market and earn very well. You can also make potato chips and sell them in that market and earn a lot. For Potato Chips Manufacturing Plant you are going to need three machines, first which is potato chips cutting machine second flavor machine third packaging machines all machines. You will get it for ₹ 200000 to 2500000, and you only have to use only potatoes and spices in it.
5. Peanut Butter Manufacturing Business: The demand for peanut butter is very high because people who go to the gym use it a lot. Along with peanut butter, it is very beneficial for health and in today’s time everyone wants to be healthy or fit. For this, peanut butter is being used a lot, in such a situation, doing business of peanut butter can be very beneficial. You can earn a lot of money by doing this business for you. You will get peanut butter making machine from your home which is of good quality in 40000 to 80000, and you can earn a lot by starting this business from your home. Because you can send peanut butter to every market online and offline. And you can also earn good money from the village from your home.

6. Atta Manufacturing: The business of flour manufacturing, which will hardly be a household in India where rotti is not made and the demand for flour, is very high. Because it is a product of every household used in everyday life, whether it is a village or a city. The demand for flour is very high at the same place. So you can start flour business. You can start with less than ₹ 200000 investment. Gradually the answer becomes bigger, then you can increase this business to a great extent, out of it you can make flour. And by packing it in 10 kg 5 kg 25 kg packet, you can make it wholesale or retail basis and earn good money.

7. Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business: You know how big an industry is the mobile industry nowadays and in the same way there is a lot of demand for mobile as well as mobile accessories. So in such a situation, you can earn a lot by doing mobile tempered glass business. The machine which is used in it, you will get it between 1.5 Lakh to 2 lakh. In Indiamart, you can start this business from your home and earn very well. You can send tempered glasses of all different models of mobiles online as well as offline, and you can earn very good money.

8. Incense Manufacturing Business: You all know that incense sticks business is such a business in which this business can be started easily with low cost. And a very good income can be made from this business. You can start this business with ease between 100000 and 150000. Automatic Incense making machine is available in India Mart in about 70000 to 120000 of good quality. Whatever row material is used in making incense sticks, it will be available in all India Mart. You can easily earn good money by starting from your home in your village.

9. Nodal making business: Friends, you all know that children like to eat noodles a lot and along with it, Sawai is also used a lot. And during fasting at home, many people make vermicelli in sweets. The demand for noodle and Sawai is always there in the market. So you can do business of Noodle making and Sawai making in this way. You can start this business in just 100000 to 150000 rupees and can earn very well. From your home, you can start this business in your home and earn well.

10. Papad Manufacturing BusinessPapad is also a very widely used product, this product is used in every household. And you can buy Papad making machine by investing only 80000 to 120000 in this business. And you can start this business from your home. You can earn a lot from this business. You can do this business in your village.

So hope you like these 10 business ideas.

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