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The first thing you should do when thinking about working from home is to avoid the work from home scams. The most obvious type of scam to ignore is the kind you may get in your email. The sort that asks you to help transfer money for a foreign investment company or something equally as dodgy.
Working from home also involves a lot of self motivation. There won’t be a boss or supervisor to push you along so if you lack strong self discipline then maybe working from home isn’t the right thing for you.

Work from Home

1. eBay/Auction Sites: If you have a lot of objects around your house that you think you can sell then eBay can be a great way to make money. This is how I first started out. Selling off my old DVD collection brought in a nice little income that helped pay the bills until my own business took off. Also, look for niche areas within the sites, such as craft materials or books, that aren’t overpopulated so you can easily make a good name for yourself.

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2. Arts/Crafts: If you’re good at painting, drawing or making things you could sell your work in your local area or online. That’s also where eBay could come in useful. A lot of people sell their work on auction sites and make a nice little income. There are also weekend markets that welcome sellers; this is an excellent way of honing your business by seeing what sells and what doesn’t.
3. Secretarial Work: Many businesses look for home based typists or someone that has good data entry skills. Companies that hire home based secretaries require their employees to be very self motivated. If you don’t have the get up and go attitude this kind of work may not be for you. Also, if there is a local college or university – many students hire someone to do their typing for them as they don’t have time or the inclination to do it themselves.
4. Blogging: Writing for blogs can be a great way to make money. You could try starting your own blog or if you have great writing skills apply to write for others. Now you’re probably wondering how you can make money from blogs. Well Google Ad Sense is a good money maker for popular blogs or you could try Text Link Ads which is where most of the revenue for Job Tuitioncomes from.
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5. Hairdressing: If you’re a qualified hairdresser then you could cut peoples hair from home. This will also add a social aspect to your work and if your customers really like you then they’ll keep giving you repeat business. As time goes by and with word of mouth you’ll gain even more customers. Also, if you have young children this cuts down on the child care fees as you are still able to watch the kids (within reason) and work the hours you want to work.
6. Babysitting (Family Day Care): When the phrase babysitting is used many people often think of a 14 year old girl sitting around and running up a huge phone bill for their employer. This doesn’t have to be the case at all. If you have a child care license then why not start looking after children from home. There are many parents out there that work full time and want to make sure that their kids are taken care of in a safe and secure environment.
7. Natural Therapies: There are many kinds of Natural Therapies that you can do from home. Such as Massage, Aromatherapy or Reflexology. A lot of hard working and stressed people seek out these services so if you’re qualified in any of those areas it could be a great way to start working from home.
8. Cooking: If somehow you managed to acquire Grannies famous cookie or cake recipe then maybe you could bake them for a local Cafe. Nothing like the taste of home cooking and it will also fill your home with the smell of freshly baked cookies every day.
9. Social Media Experts: Many moms are already social media conscious individuals, posting about their kids acquisitions and much more, it’s natural hard work for moms in a social media career, you can work as a social media evaluate probably check ads and content for relevance. Or, you can create content for an organization’s social media sites.
10. Data Entry Jobs: One of the most popular tasks for you from home, data entry locations can be extremely flexible roles that allow your kids to manage your daily routine by working while they sleep or while they are at school. A data entry location requires strong keyboarding skills and keen attention to detail, a skill that many parents already have.
Working from home may not be for everyone but if you’re anything like me and hate the thought of having to drive in to work early every morning then doing jobs from home might seem like an attractive opportunity. Just keep in mind that you won’t be making thousands in your first month but stick at it and eventually you could end up earning a nice living.

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