13 steps to selling on eBay

You want to start a small business or just need to make some money for extras; here are a few tips for starting to sell on eBay. Heard and read a lot about eBay and you are getting curious of all the state of the art things your colleagues have bought on eBay. So you now decide to look up what is this eBay they are talking about?
So you queried eBay in Google, and voila you are confronted with all those pages for eBay. Getting more confused you turned in to search and query how could one start at eBay. So here you are confronted by this article.


1. First and foremost before you could start anything on the internet you have to set up an account. On eBay an online marketing site where you can sell and buy things, you have to open a seller account. It will be easy and simple to set up a seller account.

 You have to confirm the name, phone number, and address that eBay has on their file.
State an automatic method for the payment of seller fees and for the refunds of privileges that are due you under the eBay Buyer Protection Policy.

Click on various items, even place a bid on something if you like — get a ‘feel’ for the site, and how you’ll fit into it. You can gain access to millions of potential customers just by selling on eBay.

2. Once you’re familiar with eBay in general, look up specific products that are similar to yours, and see if you can follow the bidding. This will give you some new information that might be useful when you are selling on eBay — can you compare prices, for example, with what you want to sell? Are there lots of folks bidding on items similar to the ones you’re planning to sell?


3. TAKE GOOD PICTURES of your merchandise if you’re planning on selling on eBay. Great pictures are worth their weight in gold … they’ll hamper on the quantity of questions people will ask you in reference to more details, for one thing, and great pictures help an item sell itself. Don’t you want to see what you’re buying before you buy it?

4. WRITE great descriptions of every piece you’re selling on eBay, with the maximum amount detail as you’ve got room for, and with program optimization principles at work for you (and if you have no idea what I’m talking about here, hire a professional writer).

5. Don’t forget about shipping — learn about what’s available to you, and try to pick the best method; then make sure you tell your buying public all about it!

6. Offer as many payment options as you possibly can – the more payment options you have, the more folks are likely to purchase from you.

7. Set up a separate web site for yourself (you should have a professional web site, anyway, with lots of details) and link to your merchant pages at eBay.

Getting a PayPal account is also recommended.
8. Start on creating a listing
Thinking of getting ready to sell, eBay is going to extend a helping hand in creating an effective listing. Commence listing by simple descriptions of items. That’s a start and you could easily pinpoint the best starting point. Guides in pricing are provided and as you go through the process tips are also feed to you.
Not satisfied go and do research on price setting and format for lists and choices of categories by making comparisons with active items on eBay with your item.
You can learn more or you can start your sales now. Just Click on the word Sell provided at the top part of eBay sites pages. There are policies on prohibitions and restrictions of certain items that are listed and there are also items marked as not allowed and allowed when you do lists and complete some sales.
9. You can now start to manage your sell listing
You can visit My eBay and see bids and purchases of your listed items by checking the Sell section. Then here you have to learn lists revisions.
10. Know your items on lists and make sure you could state answers to queries by prospective buyers about your listed items. Feedbacks will make you a stronger eBay seller. So cultivate good rapport with your potential customers.
Sensitive handling of these last stages will make or break your business and your newly started online career.
11. Most important of all is upfront communication with your buyer. Upon completion of the checkout, you will be notified by email. You have to make an effort of contacting your buyer within 3 days that your lists end.
12. Make sure you have received the payment for your item before you ship out. Check whether the electronic and credit card payment has been made and credits are inputted to your account before shipping out the item. If you choose to accept checks, be sure the check has been cleared by the bank before you deliver you the item.
On shipping, the item secures the package properly so as to preempt untoward incidents. Performance can be affected by how you packaged your item to be shipped.
Address of the consignee and the return address for you is written legibly and correctly to avoid confusion and miss delivery.

13. Create your shipping and packing labels and slips on eBay to save time.

Simply drop your package to be shipped at the post office because you have already printed your label for shipping and save some time by cutting those trips to the post office by using a free pickup by a courier that is included on orders that are on Priority Mail or you could charge a small fee.

With most things and transactions online let your costumers leave feedback for you and you have to leave feedback for your buyers too. These will strengthen your relationship as one member of the eBay community. And propel your rank during sale queries.

You can be selling on eBay — quickly, easily, and profitably!

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