14 Video Marketing Tips to MAKE IT SIMPLE

Video marketing is all the rage in 2020. Businesses, websites, blogs, and individuals are using video directories like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo to increase their brand name and link to their website. There are literally millions of videos on directories nowadays that have some type of advertising or marketing behind them.

Why Video Marketing

Before I get into the tips, I am going to go over why you should utilize video marketing in 2020 to build your business. First off, it is easier and less expensive than ever to get started. Second, it is a great way to draw attention to your brand or website. Third, you can make and market your videos absolutely FREE (although paid methods yield better results). Fourth, there is great software where you can track every video and its current performance. This helps you focus on videos that are having trouble ranking while letting your popular videos thrive. Fifth, it is a great way to increase the targeted traffic going to your website. Sixth, it is one of my best list building methods.

14 Video Marketing Tips

1. Just Make a Video
Okay this is my tip for all first-timers to video marketing. If you are nervous about creating a video that people are going to see, then you need to overcome that fear. The best way to do this is to just make a video. I don’t care if it related to your content or anything of that nature, but you should just record your first video.
By actually DOING instead of THINKING ABOUT DOING, you will get started in the right direction. Plus, tell whatever is holding you back that YouTube has millions of visitors every single day including probably about thousands in your niche. Your goal is to add these people as customers so you can connect with them through your own website.
2. Keep it Under 3 Minutes
Depending In the video you are making, this rule can vary. If you are making a tutorial or guide that needs to be longer, then obviously make it longer. However, a lot goes into video marketing and the human brain. People want quality information as fast as possible. If you are creating a video about ’3 Keyword Research Hidden Secrets,’ then try to keep it under 3 minutes.
Many people have trouble creating a quick video like this and keeping it under 3 minutes. However, if you find you are having trouble then write a shorter script and practice once or twice.
3. Target Certain Keywords
If you just making random videos that don’t go after search queries, then how are people going to find them? YouTube is owned by Google so luckily their search engine also has an instant feature. Start searching for some terms that you want to make videos to see the popular keywords people type in on a regular basis instantly. Write down 20-30 of them and narrow it down to about 5.
I always say that people undervalue proper keyword research that would help them make more money in the future. Paying $20 for hundreds of keywords that you have a chance to rank for is definitely worth it every single time.
4. The Picture on your Video is V.I.P.
This is the first thing that potential viewers are going to see. Have you ever noticed how many people use cleavage pictures and things of that nature to draw in more clicks? Well, you should be thinking of pictures that will increase clicks rather than decrease. I’m not saying use sexual images because that isn’t the answer but use quality images. It is almost worth purchasing stock photos to make the graphics better on your videos.
5. Search Related Queries Into Google – Study Competitors
Go ahead and take 5 of the keywords you are going to rank for on YouTube and type them into Google’s search engine. You will likely find at least 1 YouTube video on the first page for every search query. Go into that video, and look at their keywords, description, watch their video, and study them. One of the ways that businesses in general stay profitable is by copying the things that competitors do successfully. If someone has already mastered the art, you can certainly learn some things from them.
Focus on the title, keywords, their username, description, and the actual video. If you can master these things first, then you are halfway to ranking high and getting views.
6. Use Tutorials
People love tutorials and step-by-step guides because they are easy and informative. If you know some different ways to develop the website traffic, then create a tutorial about it. If it is a quality tutorial, then it will likely be shared around the internet.
I know of several ‘Affiliate Marketing for Beginners’ videos that have over 100,000 views. You know how many leads you can generate with that amount of views on just one video?
7. Advertise your Website, Blog, Product, or Service
When someone clicks your video, I recommend having the first 3-5 seconds show your website and your logo before going into your video. After that, put the actual text on the bottom right-hand corner of your video that advertises something. You should also include a link in the description directly to whatever it is you are advertising.
If the video you create does not actively advertise your website or product, then you are missing out. When someone embeds your video on their website, you want to reap the benefits of your work.
8. Do Interviews
You do not need another person in your video to do an interview. You can do interviews with your fans or response videos. You can also make lists of questions from your customers and answer each one. People will love this because it is so personal. The more personality you can put into your business or website, the better your results will be.
Imagine answering 5 different questions that MOST of your customers have and turning it into a video. Not only will it hopefully get shared by those who asked the questions, but it will also likely be shared by others because it will be problems that others have.
9. Create a Video Series
Find one topic and create five video parts to it. For example, you can create a ’5 Days of Keyword Research and develop a video for each day. Then you can make it into a playlist and add to your benefits.
Another benefit of a video series is that some websites will link to all five of your videos thus, increasing overall recognition.
10. Develop Backlinks
Some will do blog commenting and link their YouTube videos. Others will use article directories and link directly to their video. Whatever methods you choose, each backlink will help your rankings in the YouTube search engine and in Google.
One popular method online is going to Fiverr.com and finding backlink providers to develop some to their video. You can specifically look for SEnukeXCR gig offers because this program tends to help YouTube videos rank.

11. Stay Relevant
People do not like rehashed information that they can find from a YouTube video about a year ago. Look for relevant news in your industry by looking through various news outlets. I sometimes just go into Google News and search various terms related to my niche. I am able to find new information and keywords I can target. Sometimes the keywords take off and you can be one of the first to target it.
Never use other YouTube videos for information though because you want to be new, unique, and original.
12. Build your Email List
I always tell people to link to their squeeze page directly from their YouTube video. The link in the description should go directly to a place where you try to capture leads. You can even offer a free report or eBook so that more people feel the need to subscribe.
One of the reasons to build your email list is that you can create a new YouTube video and immediately send out the link to all your subscribers. If you have an email list in the thousands, it will not take too long to start getting hundreds of views.
13. Include your Script or Add Text
Always remember that search engines cannot really view a video, extract keywords, and rank it accordingly. Instead, search engines use the description, title tags, backlinks, and social shares. If your description has less than 100 words of text, then you are not doing enough. You should always include your script in the description or else at least 100 words of descriptive text. You should keep targeting keywords and sum up all the information you want to drive home.
More text is usually better but it can become time-consuming. Look at some of the things that popular videos do in their descriptions and copy it. Some music videos rank simply because they include lyrics in the description and put “SONG ARTIST – NAME + LYRICS” in the title. Small changes can mean a big difference.
14. Get Social Shares
All the hype in ranking these days has to do with social shares. When you Tweet a new blog post or a new YouTube video you just posted, do people actually share it around? This is why social media marketing has become so popular in 2013. Google ranks videos partly based on social shares so you should look to become active in that department.

Video Marketing Tips Conclusion

These tips are all the general guidelines I recommend to follow if you want to be a successful video marketer. Every page of content you produce could have a video to go with it in order to increase rankings. Plus, if your video becomes popular and you connect it up with the article, then your article might get a lot of views too. This can be a great source of fresh leads for your business.
Video Marketing Focus
Focus on creating your first video. Once you have a video published and optimized for search engines, you can publish the next. The faster you come up with a strategy, the better your results will be. I recommend starting with 2-3 videos a week and maybe spending $10-$15 on Fiverr.com purchasing backlink gigs. Test this for a couple of weeks and see what the results are.

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