Today everyone earns money. But not everyone can deposit money, Saving money is not very hard work. The first thing you need to know is how to save. You must save 10% to 15% of your pocket money. When you save some of your money, this money will be in danger at the time of your emergency. Follow these tips to keep some of the money deposited.

1. Make a monthly budget:-You will know about the cost of your own and your family. You must have an idea of what you will spend at the end of the month. So prepare a full budget for the month and when you get the pay, first of all, take a portion of those things that cost you the most.
           Such as ration, electricity bill, house scaffolding, mobile bill, and children, etc. In addition to your monthly expenses, consider spending regularly but not every month, such as car maintenance. By creating such a budget, your facility will last for a full month and there will be no difficulty in the middle.

2. Saving Account:- If there is any money you can get in the bank account, you also get some benefits in the current year due to the main money. Savings accounts cost a lot, where you will get 4% interest. There are some banks that you can get interested up to 6% in the conservatory account, you can use Auto Soup facility so that the money spent on the Savings account is automatically converted into a financed deposit and you can get the equivalent FD interest… You can read the whole post here:

3. Deposit Plan:- Most people mean saving a savings account or investing in FD or LIC. Some people are afraid to invest in mutual funds and raise the risk. Do not mix with insurance and investment and, according to your future plans, you can invest some money by investing in various investment plans such as term insurance and permanent deposits, mutual funds, equity, etc. Create a strong investment portfolio.

4. Bad Habit:-You are spending extra money on your behavior. Alcohol, cigarettes, gutkha and pan masala are also such things that negatively impact your health after your money has passed. If you think, how much money does your cigarette consumption cost in a day? So come out of such unnecessary expenditure and left their bad habits.

 5. Mobile And Internet Expenses:- Mobile and Internet have become necessary today and people spend it a lot. Finally, for saving, this reduction will be spent. If you use a postpaid plan, you need to have a prepaid connection as per your usage, so that we do not use it. To talk about internet recharge, we should use apps like WATSAP, which stores balance. Nowadays, free Wi-Fi is available in many places, then it should be used. According to our monthly requirement, we will need to recharge our balance and the internet.
Data becomes cheaper after JIO and total mobile costs decrease but you will keep in mind that as much as you need to get a data plan. Currently acquiring acquisition All telecom companies Competition and Market will give you more data so that you can use it, then gradually the plan price will increase.

6. Sale our old Materials:-Today, there are many online sites where we sell some of the old or uninterrupted products and earn some money. If you know things that are not necessary and if not, then you have to sell it online by adding pictures to the site. It will also remove the waste from the house and get some money back.
7.Online Shopping:-Today, there are many online sites that we can fulfill the same needs. We should buy from the same site because it saves time and can save on petrol costs too. Cashback is available from shopping at online sites so that we can do more shopping. There are many sites that offer great discounts that can protect us.

Before you shop online, compare prices to all the websites and search for related coupons and discount offers. Some people even make a joke that they keep the item in the shopping cart a few days before the purchase, and when the e-commerce company monitors it they offer the discount code to the customer so that the customers buy it. In this way, you can get discounts from this trick in some places, but it does not work at all.
But by 2, avoid offers because of 1, in most cases, it is not proven right for you. What to use to buy three jeans or shirts together?
8. Invest in Money:- If you try more than paid employees, you can save a lot of taxes. There are many options and investment projects for which income tax is cut into investment. Provident Fund, PPF, Sukanya Samri Yojana, Term Deposit, ELSS Mutual Fund, you can easily save income tax.
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