I am Nurjaml Ahmed. I am 28 years old. I have completed BA. I have work for online money marketing for 2 years.

I started onnetindia in early 2018 to share about PTC site, online survey works, money-saving tips, govt. scheme, online business tips and show people how to transfer the money they earn to India using PayPal,payza.

About us

       At that time very few people in India knew about this and since I made it very simple with the help of the website, Onnetindia started to grow. Soon It becomes the No.1 site on Google India for people searching for “How to earn money online”.We reached about 10000 unique visitors per months.
But, after some time I realized a major part of my audience didn’t like PTC sites and my referrals weren’t making as much money as me.

        That pushed me to redesign Onnetindia completely to what it is right now. We began to specialize in the individuals and created positive the ways we advise works for them. we’ve got tested these ways. With many individuals such as you and helped them earn cash with it.
I am really proud of the new Onnetindia. It has come a long way and I believe it will truly help you achieve your goals.

        I give practical insights from the user perspective. He drives a lot of what happens Onnetindia.
For us, the best proof that our platform something outstanding is the fact that we use it ourselves to grow our own business.