Amazon Seller Registration Step By Step

How to sell on Amazon | Amazon Seller Registration Step By Step

Work as a Reseller 

One of the best things about creating an online business is that you always have the power to make money without hard work. But to do this, you have to determine the best option to get this method. And this is the place the reseller enterprise model comes into play.

What is the reseller business model?

Just like the name suggests, it’s a business model where you’re acting in intermediaries between suppliers and buyers. Simply, you need to supply the supplier of the kind of product you need to your customers.
The idea is to choose a supplier who will provide your customer’s automated delivery. However, if the supplier supplies a product for $ 50 to your customer, then you ask the customer 100 dollars and in that case, you will get your profit. You just want to create a connection between the buyer and the supplier, all visually appealing through the website.
Once you do this, you will be able to create a permanent source of income without doing any great work, which is not surprising.

Requirements for registration

  1. Need a PAN Card
  2. GST Number
  3. Bank Account
  4. Email ID
  5. Phone No.

How to Register and start a reseller business?

Let’s Start, At first visit the Amazon Site and scroll down the page. Click > sell on Amazon>
  • Click on Get started> open new page Scroll down and Click Register Now.
  • Open new page in the signing area. Fill up Your name, email ID, Password, and click on create your Amazon account.
  • Fill in the Legal Name, and trick Terms & Conditions next page. Click Continue Button.

  • Verify Mobile Number sand OTP your phone number.
  • Fill the Seller Information your Name, Category, Enter your address and click Continue Button.
  • Amazon Easy Ship Service is not available in your place, Then Fill up the 3rd party Address. If available this service, click the next button.
  • Fill GST Number, PAN Number and click Next Button.
  • Selection the sell products Categories, Trick Resell Product that I buy, Select annual turnover, Sell product no.mor then 500, and another website trick Yes Button on Seller Interview Option.
  • Click Start List Button on Dashboard, Listing the product in Amazon penal.
  • Set shipping rate > Click Set rates Bottom > Two parts of shipping charge one. Click Edit Button > Select the Delivery time and click continue > Select per item 50 rupees and click continue button > Click Confirm Button.
  • Enter your Bank Details, Account holder name, Account type, Number, IFSC Code and save.
  • Enter Tax details, Your PAN number, GST number and Save.
  • Product Tax Code selects A_GEN_STANDARD and trick and Save.
  • Signature Screen upload file and click Launch Your Business and Click Continue to Seller Central.

  • Go to Your Dashboard Start the work.

Where can you start your own reseller business?

Although the idea is great, the reality is that starting your own reseller business can be very helpful. You only get accurate guidelines and tools that will make your business world. If you are looking for something like this, you are in the right place.
Amazon is a great place where you can quickly and easily quick start your own reseller business. The great thing about the website is that you can easily start getting passive income without much effort. The site provides a single package with a business for analysis, royalty free graphics, free hosting, keyword research, supplier list, high volume sales and the convenience of your interest.

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