Best ways to make money online. You can also work on mobile.(100% real way)

Best ways to make money online. (100% real way)

Do you want to earn online part-time or full-time money? Then your Android mobile can earn you a minimum of 5 thousand to 10 thousand months. Hey, it’s absolutely right. Today technology is going to be so fast and advanced that earning money with Android mobile has become a trend or fashion now. In this post, I’ll tell you the only 5 ways that you can actually earn an income from mobile.
Before starting the article, I would like you to say a word well. The online ways I will say to earn money with Android mobile are doing much online income using online. And you can do that too. But, remember one thing, that life is not available without any hardship and no harm. And for that, you also have to work hard to reduce money from online mobile phones.
I will tell the ways in which income from mobile is below 5, all of them are trustworthy and many people use income. But how much money you will earn using the methods above your work and hard work. These are the ways in which people earn millions of money every month.
We do not waste any time, we do not know the easy way to earn money from mobile.

5 Easy Way To Make Money With Android Mobile (Online Earning)

Which I have said to you above, if you have an Android smartphone, then you will be able to earn online part-time and full-time money. And, for that reason, I have explained it very easy for you.

1. Blogging and Income by Website

Do you know, you can earn online Unlimited Money by creating a blog or website from mobile? If not, know well.
You can go to Google’s website and create a free blog and website. And then, when your blog or website visitors or traffic starts to come, you can start earning money from your blog or website.
You may have thought that creating a blog from the mobile makes it difficult or difficult to earn income. But, it’s not at all. It takes just 10 minutes to create your blog from mobile. And after that, you can write a good article on your blog and bring visitors or traffic to your blog.
When Visitors hopes in the blog, you can start earning money by registering your blog on Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a Google service that gives the text, link, video and image ads on our own blog or website, and offers online income for it.
Today, using these two services, “Blog and Google Adsense”, people are making so much money online that you cannot even think. And, if you want income by blog and Adsense you do not need any computer or laptop. You can create a blog on your own Smartphone and write an article through Google Adsense.

2. Make a YouTube channel online income

The idea of reducing online money by creating a YouTube channel from blogging like this is quite good. Today, many people think that making Google a service, making channels, earning millions of money a month. You will go to your YouTube website to create a custom channel. Your Gmail account will be required at Because, as I said earlier, “YouTube is Google’s product” and so it requires a Gmail account ID and password to log in.

After logging in with your Gmail account, you can upload the video directly by making it a direct channel or using a free channel. Because you get the opportunity to earn money by uploading videos to the YouTube channel. Keep in mind that the video you upload to your YouTube channel will be your own original video. If you upload any other video to your channel, then it will be treated as a copyrighted video.

And so you will not get any options to earn from other copied videos. So, the videos you upload to your channel are completely original and your own.

How can you upload videos? This question is definitely coming to your mind, is not it?
You can upload any videos on your YouTube channel. For example, in tutorial videos, comedy videos, any story, mobile reviews or anything else. To get a lot of success, you can create tutorial video from your mobile and upload it to the channel. If you upload this original, manually created video like this, you can start earning money quickly.

Now you have created the channel and uploaded and uploaded the video. But, how to reduce money? How to get money from the uploaded video? So you think now?
How to earn money from YouTube?

In fact, when you upload videos to the YouTube channel, then your video Usuut’s website expects thousands of people to watch or watch online. And then you have the opportunity to reduce money from your video.

There is an option called “monetization”. When you apply and apply this monetization option, some ads from Google Adsense will be displayed in your videos. And, when people see your ads before watching your videos, you will earn money. That’s the way to get online income from YouTube.
Believe it, when you upload 30 videos and you will see a daily 10 view of each video 30 * 10 = 300 total video view you will get. And, if the Daily sees your videos 300 times, then even if you get $ 0. $ per ad view, you get $0. 02 * 300 =  $ 60 dollars. You just think this is a lot of income. If one dollar is $ 70 then $ 60 * 70 = 4200 rupees.

Today many people are earning a lot more money from this day. And you can only do this from your mobile if you do not have a computer or a laptop.
But, keep in mind that nothing happens in a day. You have to work hard, work hard and work with interest. After that, you will be successful in business.

3. Make money from Android apps

You can earn money from various Android Apps. But, to earn money from your mobile, you will not get any more income. If you are a student, housewife or retired person then you can use this way to earn extra.

Going to the Google play store, you will find many apps that will give real money to you for various tasks by searching “earning apps, online income app or free recharge app”. Some of the best apps to reduce money are “MCent”, “Amulyam”, “Pocket Money”, “TaskBucks” and much more. These apps can be downloaded from the Google play store and you can earn from mobile.

These money-saving apps do not give you money easily. You have to do a lot of work after app download. Eg – downloading apps, referencing an app, finding video origin And, in exchange for these tasks, you are given some money on the app. You can get lots of money to earn money. For example, as paytm cash, free mobile recharge, free dish tv recharge, bank account transfer etc.

4. Sell old things in OLX and Quakr.

If you are looking for ways to get extra income from mobile, then you can find websites like OLX and Quikr. OLX or Quikr is actually a website where you can sell any item or product yourself. Whatever, bike, mobile, TV, car, computer, laptop or any other thing. You can go to these two websites and earn money by selling old things.
If you have some old things in your home, then you can sell it yourself, but if you have a brand new bike or car store, then you can buy them from a low price and earn money by selling it again through this website. And, you can do this from your own mobile.

Upload whatever you want to sell, upload the OLX or QUIKR website and write down the price or what you want to sell. Bus, then within a few minutes the customer will start getting found. So, you can earn money by selling old things from mobile phones.

5. Online Income from Short Link Website

Do you know about short link websites? If not, it is very straightforward and 100% the way to earn online from your mobile. You do not need to do anything more. You need to register at some short link website first. Some trusted and good short link websites are –,, AL.LY,, Linkshrink.Net. You can create one or any of these accounts.

Now tell me, how do you earn money through these short link websites. Actually, these websites are called the link shortener website. Here, you are given a box where you can shorten any website by pasting the URL address link. You can copy the URL address of any article, video, song or any website from the Internet and shorten it to the URL shortener websites.

For example, if you shorten the URL link to an article on my blog, then it should be seen that nobody will understand why its website. But the word is, how can I earn money from this URL shortener website. Let’s see.

In fact, when you shorten the URL address of any website or blog or video on this URL shortener website, link address is advertised as it is small and there are some advertisements on it. And as a result, when someone clicks on your shortened URL address, some advertisements will be shown before going to the original website. And, this will give you money on the valid adview.

Any link shortener website will give you $ 5 to $ 15 in 1000 views, or some 5 to 10 dollars. But income will be your best. You can do all of your mobiles. Your empty, interesting and good video, articles or website URL addresses will be on this link shortener website and you will be able to share it as much as possible in the facebook group, WhatsApp group or other social media. Then, as many Visitors will click on your link and enter your URL address, they will see advertisements and earn money from you.

So, friends, today I have five easy and 100% real best ways to make money online Blogging and YouTube channel through which you can earn so much that you will not need any other job or business. Thank you. Read more

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