Find an Easy Money Making Opportunities Online.

Unfortunately, the days are behind us where we could exploit Google to make a quick buck from the internet. You used to be able to put up a 3-page website in just about any niche and you would profit from it. Selling Clickbank and Amazon products was easier because there was less competition everywhere.
However, Find an easy money making opportunities online has become increasingly more difficult. I am going to give you some ways of making a quick buck online, but they are not necessarily going to be long-term. Make sure you do a little more research into each of these methods to find the one that is right for you. I tried to pick things that did not require a large investment in the beginning.

Finding Easy Money Making Opportunities Online

1.    Promote Product Launches

Head over to a website like to find affiliate product launches. Look particularly for launches that are about a week from now and the ones that are generating the most interest. Once you land on 2-3 products that you want to promote, you need to make some sales. I am going to give you the formula I would use to make sales.

For this example, our product will be called ‘Product 123′

§  Buy a generic PLR report from Master Resale Rights about making money online (this will be used as a bonus).
§  Set-up 2 different review blogs through Blogger and register the domains and
§  Create a Slide Share presentation ‘Review of Product 123.’
§  Create a YouTube video ‘Review of Product 123.’
§  Now you have 4 pages to make sales, and you want to get as many in the top 10 of Google as possible for the search terms ‘product 123′, ‘product 123 reviews’, and ‘product 123 bonus’.

Do your research and you can learn different ways to promote product launches. Your ultimate goal should be to build an email list that you can promote products to.

2.    Keep Up With Trends

Remember several years ago when the Hoodia diet pill came out and the internet exploded? How about Acai Berry and African Mango? Well if you can keep up with trends then you can probably make a quick buck on products. The best thing to do is keep up with Google News and search for new products in different niches. For example, you can search ‘new laptop’ or ‘new android apps’ or ‘new hair loss products’ and find potentially the next big affiliateproduct online. If you are the first to set-up a blog or even a review video on YouTube, then you can easily profit.

3.    Sales Funnel

If you have never created a sales funnel, then you might want to pay someone for one. However, a high converting sales funnel can make you tons of profits as long as you can get traffic to it. Look to get traffic through a personal blog, YouTube videos, press releases, and forum marketing. The more targeted people you can send through your sales funnel, the more money you will ultimately make.

4.    Create a Fiverr Gig & Add Extras

If you have never heard of, then you should go take a look right now. People can put up gigs and have people pay them $5 to get something completed. For example, I have paid $5 for someone to write an article and submit it to 3 press release websites with backlinks to my blog. I figured that the $5 was worth it more than my time and I was able to get 3 new organic backlinks from websites I would otherwise not have links from.

With Fiverr, you need to first get some people to buy your gigs, but once you start getting high ratings, you can easily make money every single day. There are Fiverr users who have bought houses, appliances, or even electronic gadgets with the money they make from Fiverr. Others simply save the money and put it away. Either way, there is definitely money to be made on Fiverr.

1.    Quick Freelance Work

If you are a good writer, especially one with copywriting skills, then you can use your talents to make money online. There are millions of blogs on the internet and most of them need more content. Right now, content is in-demand and if you can write it and get results then you can easily earn cash.

You could also do freelance design, photography, or anything else that people will pay you for. Basically, you are signing up to do contract work that pays out when you finish. Look at OdeskUpwork, and Freelancer for jobs right now!

2.    Use Craigslist

Craigslist can be very useful for finding work or for selling. You may have seen people advertise various referral programs and things of that nature, and they really do convert. I know someone who was able to make over $10,000 just from recruiting people from CraigsList. Look for the most popular referral programs and start advertising them in various sections.

The other way to make money on Craigslist is to look for local work. Your next-door neighbor might not be capable of mowing their lawn and you can easily help someone out and make some money. Just be sure to keep your eyes open!

3.    Cash Crate

Ok, CashCrate will not supplement a full-time income and it might not even compare to the usual part-time income. However, if you are looking to kill time and make a little quick money then Cash Crate is great. You get money for referring people and completing offers. You can also earn cash rewards when you shop through Cash Crate.

4.    Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

MechanicalTurk is a fairly new service from Amazon where you can complete contract work. Companies go on Mechanical Turk and add jobs that are worth a certain amount of money (ex. watch a movie and write a review for $2.00). Jobs are usually pretty quick and many pay out less than a dollar. However, if you put some time in, it would be feasible to make several hundred dollars every month. Plus, as you keep completing jobs you will be ‘promoted’ if you will and you can take on higher-paid jobs.

These are some of the best ‘quick’ ways to make money online. None will set you up a long-term passive income, but each can help you earn a quick buck. I’ve had success promoting product launches and I recommend doing that if you are interested. There is an investment of about $20-30 for each product you promote, but you should easily make that back. You might have limited success with some products and tons of success with others, it is really a large variable.
As for the other options, they are great ways to use your skills to make money. If you can write, then there is no reason no to do a little freelancing work on the side. Just put your mind to it, put in a couple hours, and your PayPal account should be thanking you.

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