How to create a free website? step by Step Tips

How to create a free website

Need of the website?

The current generation of websites is a very important thing. There is no alternative to personal needs or organizational work websites. A website can make your organization known faster and easier than any other way around the world. In this generation of information and communication technology, websites can send information about your organization to people around the world. There are numerous websites scattered on the internet.

Something about the website

If you wish, you can create your own personal website or your personal website. But we know that creating websites is an expensive matter. First, you will need the name of your own site which is called a domain. This domain will buy you. This is not the end here. After the purchase of the domain, you must also go to the hosting company for various companies. However, there is no hosting from Blogger
Hosting is a place or place where content on your site such as pictures; audio-video etc. is preserved. There are several types of plans in this host. You can buy different size hosting from the minimum of 20 MB. However, blogging can start without any hosting.
But there are some service providers on the internet that allow you to easily create websites. Generally, coding is required to create websites, but through these services, you can create interesting and visually appealing websites without any coding. Not only that, but these service providers will also give you the opportunity to create free sites.

The website will open easily.

Google has easy to build a site without coding experience. Blogger is a google pulse where I can create a free website. Here you will find 100 MB of space, completely free. On Google Sites, you can create basic sites, not just primarily for learning, but also very easy. With its simple and beautiful interface, you can create a site on Google fixed templates. Google sites have 23 interesting themes that will enhance the beauty of your site multiplied. You can create multiple sites on Google Sites.
You can create multiple pages on those sites. Create sub-pages. Also on the site sidebar, the recent activities of the website can be placed in the widget form for any given day, countdown, navigation or some text. The interesting thing is that you can determine who can edit this site and who can see this site. You can also display this site at any of your own addresses.
Google Sites is a service extraordinary for new site makers. If you wish, you can create attractive sites using Google Sites for personal or any other purpose. Note that Google Sites is a whole new service, yet many benefits have not been added to the previous Google page creator. According to Google, soon all the benefits and useful features will be added for Google Sites.
Before starting a new blog, certainly, need a plan. It needs to start by selecting a blog name address. Before starting blogging, selecting the domain name is most important. The website URL is an important means for attracting readers. Your domain name will be, your website’s URL
So, the URL on the website should be selected so that it can be easily remembered. The name associated with the blog content must be selected. Selection of individual content in blogging is very important. The content of blog content is usually seen in two ways.
You can make a blog about what you are capable of. If the content is different from the individual or the others, then the blog is good for the popularity. Select any popular topic. In this case, you can take help from Google for content selection. Get more help from Google Search.

Let’s start the blog site creation phase, for that first you need a “Gmail” account,
Login to Google first and then type in Google >
After opening the new page, enter the title in the title of your blog titles that you want to see in your blog, and
Enter your blog address to address your blog address, but remember that whatever URL you enter, will be written at the end of your URL.
Then select one of the templates you like from the template and click on creates blog below.
Your website has been created quite well. Now enter your blog’s URL in the browser and press Enter, and see your
The website created has been opened. Now you will find videos about how to customize your blog site, how to customize it and get it from there.

If you want to know how to open the website, then you will know. Thanks, do not forget to comment if the post looks good.

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