How To Earn Money From ClixSense ?

How To Earn Money From ClixSense Signup Step by Step

       We use more and less to use the internet. All of us are now working to earn online and many different sites are working, but not getting payment from all the sites. So today I will introduce you to a site where you can earn a good amount of money and pay 100% payment.

           P.T.C (Paid To Click) is an easy way to earn for new people. But on this site, you need a lot of patience to earn. After this you have to register on a specific site after login, you will have to wait for the specified time by clicking on the link or Ad. Based on this site, you pay $ 0.01 to 0.04 dollars to click on each ad. depending on the site.

         Generally, if you are $ 1-5 in your account, you can withdraw money in different ways. However, day-to-day P.T.C (Paid To Click) became popular throughout the world, many fine sites were created. Therefore, the P.T.C site should be registered at different points.

            The benefits of this site are:

         You can earn money with clixsense by signing up for free and offering easy offers and carefully works by clixsense. You can earn more than $ 0.30 to $ 3 more than completing the survey. The pay rate for the work is 0.02 dollars to 0.07 dollars and the task is $ 0.008 per referral, the minimum cash is $ 10.00 and payment processing is done through PayPal / Payer. Increase your income by mentioning others.

Talk about how to join this site and how to work on how to earn it.

  • First, go to the official website of this site. Click on this link to go to the site.
  • When opening the website, click on the Sign-Up link in the upper right.
  • Now fill the form that will come in the right way, by ticking on the left side of the text, click on the SIGN-UP button.
  • Now you can go to your email account and verify a link to verify the email, click on that link to verify the account. If you are unsuccessful then it is able to successfully make an account.
  • Go to this website and type your user id and password and click Login. Then a new tape will open.

After login, click View Ads to see the add-on.

           Then you will see the ads. Click any one of it. A new tab will open. Now, wait for some time. Click on the cat Click on the image of Viral in the above picture. Then wait for the time to select the appropriate picture. This means that you will have to stay on that page until your click has been reached. You may have to wait 30 seconds for that. May Once your click has been validated, go to the previous page and see exactly the rest of the ads in the same way. In this way, you can click once each ad once in 24 hours.

  • Here you can also do the service. The servers are not very difficult, but here you have to give your biodata. Click on the option to verify your name, address, etc.
  • Then share your referrals with links to the guns. If your referrals to 50 guns, you can do their job. In one month, your ink will be at least 10 * 12 = 120 dollars.
  • It was only 50 referrals and a description of the site. If you can work on more such 10 well sites, then your success is sure. If you can be 20 dollars a month to 20 sites, then your income will rise 12 x 10 = $ 120 * 68 = 8000 TK you can imagine.
  • However, if you want to work on PTC site, you can get 100% succession if you work hard. Creating a group in Clixsense can earn good money.
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