How to earn money from facebook? Share images and sort link.

Let’s know, how to earn money from facebook?

One of the most searched terms on Google is how to earn money online. Making money online is easy now. Earning income opportunities on the internet increased internet based business and other activities. But you are thinking of earning money online on Facebook? Yes, it is very possible!

Actually there are several ways to earn money online on Facebook.

How Can I Make Money on Facebook? I gave her some ideas.

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. It is the number one site according to the traffic rank. Facebook is an advertising platform for big business
Now the question is how to make money from Facebook.. Three ways to earn money online on Facebook will describe you.
These 3 methods are proven and working way. You just have to do some hard work and have staying power! You can earn 200-300 or more daily. It depends on the try you put into it.

  1. Make money by sharing links on facebook

Link sharing on Facebook – the most common way to earn money online on Facebook You may have questions – how and where to share the link, sharing links, etc.
To earn money online by sharing links, you must first have a better quality Facebook page. If you do not, then create a Facebook page related to celebrities, jokes, etc. because these pages are very popular.
The best idea is to have a fun ‘just for fun’ Interesting page name. Try to share interesting and interesting content. I recommend sharing interesting images because people like this type of stuff on Facebook and your page will move very quickly.
But, what is the matter of money sharing on Facebook?
There is a matter of money transfer on Facebook. Once your page gets a good number of likes, you’re ready to share the link and make money on Facebook. What type of link is shared? Well, there are a number of link shorter services that pay.
One such site is hidden. You must register on that site. You can shorten links (related to some fun sites, etc.) in Adfly. Now, the next time you share a funny picture on your Facebook page, place the link and tell readers that they will get more interesting pictures in the link.

Now, if someone clicks the short link then you get 0.1 rupees. 1000 click on it, you get 100! How do you make money online on Facebook by sharing links? Try to share such links when most fans tend to be online.

Some sites pay for sharing their links on successful Facebook pages. The payment will be related to the number of visitors to your Facebook page.

This method eventually depends on the number of likes and the popularity of your page. So, to earn money online by sharing links, you first have to invest time and effort to create a great Facebook page.

          2.Another way to earn money on Facebook through page:

 Make money by promoting other pages and products

Yes, you read it right! Other Facebook page owners will pay you to share the links to their pages on your popular pages. If you have a successful page, this is a great way to earn money online on Facebook.

The amount you get depends on the amount of client links, the popularity of your page, etc. So, a successful Facebook page can earn you money in two ways!

Wait, the third way to earn money online through Facebook through pages is to promote some products, write about them, and provide links to their sites.

Suppose you have a very popular page that comes with your city and related. For example-Goa. Now, many of your city hotels, shops etc. you want to promote on their Facebook page. They will pay good money for you. You can reference / write them in your locations and share pictures related to them in exchange for money

Make money with Social Media Manager

You do not need MBA degree to be the social media manager of various brands. Who is a social media manager? What is his job A social media manager handles the presence and activity of a brand / business on Facebook.

Regular updates to his working brand’s Facebook page, promoting events, products, etc. In short, the company / brand recruits a person to take care of their Facebook page.

If you are active on Facebook and can write well in English, you can even become a social media manager. In this way, you can manage different brands pages, earn money online on Facebook.

Most of us spend hours on Facebook, then why not earn some money? You can even manage multiple branded Facebook pages and thus earn more money.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Valid and effective ways to make money online on Facebook is quite clear from this post. If you want you can try them all together. Easily, you can easily earn 200-300 rupees per day.

Read also – WhatsApp ways to make money When money comes when you work hard. To earn money online on Facebook, we need to work hard. Please give comments your valuable feedback.

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