how to make money with email spam – Fast Action Guide

 Did you know that you can make massive amounts of money sending emails? And I’m not talking about spamming random email addresses through the various services that are offered online. I’m talking about creating an email list within a specific profitable niche. Thousands of people online have listed in different niches and they have been able to make them loyal subscribers and customers. You should start to Make Money by Sending Emails as soon as possible.

How to Build a List

1. Create a free report to give away to potential subscribers. Your report should be in the niche that your email list will be. For example, do not make a free report about social media marketing and then send out content about Forex. One of the best ways to get a free report is to buy a PLR ebook from

2. Sign-up with Aweber and start your first month for just $1 ($19 per month after that). They will help guide you through the sign-up process and then you want to start your first list. You should not create any auto-responder messages until you have created a squeeze page.

3. Create a squeeze page that converts well. You can buy one on from someone who will integrate the form as well. Otherwise, search Google for squeeze page templates or landing page templates. Simple is always better – Advertise offer, tell the benefits it will provide to the reader, and direct visitor’s eyes to your sign-up form.

4. Set-up an autoresponder series on your Aweber account. You can buy PLR auto-responder emails that will literally give you 25-50 pre-written emails. I recommend you rewrite them so they are more personal for your list, but it is a good start for content. I always recommend that your first 5 messages should be just content and information. Don’t throw out a sales pitch until emails six and seven. Repeat this offer and always change up the sales offers.

Now you are ready to add subscribers to your list.

There are tons of ways to add subscribers to your list. I am going to give you the top 5 methods that work for me:

My Best Email List Building Methods

Solo Ads

Solo ads can be costly at first, but once you have around 300 subscribers you can start doing ad swaps with others. I did one test where I spent $35 and I was able to get 47 subscribers (a number I am happy with). In order to find the best safe swap providers, I recommend going to You can order a certain amount of clicks in order to get subscribers.

Website Visitors

If you don’t have a website this can be a tough process to set-up. However, it involves keyword research, SEO, social media marketing, and trying to rank above others in search engines. When visitors come to my site, I have an email box that pops up along with a subscriber form in the sidebar that I draw attention to.


YouTube has become a great way for people to build a list. There are many video directories where you can upload your videos and link them to your squeeze page. Just target certain keywords, create videos 3 min or less, connect with others on YouTube, and develop backlinks to your videos so they rank.

Forum Marketing

No matter what your niche, you can find a forum to leave your expertise. In return, you can usually have a link to your website in the signature. The more quality posts you can leave every single day means more links all over the forum. You just want a couple of people to see your offer and sign-up every day.

Answer Websites

Websites like Yahoo Answers are a great way to build an email list. Although I have yet to really research if the visitors are buyers yet, I think it depends on the niche. For me, I go into SEO and try to add 5-10 answers every day. There was one day where I made 10 answers and exploded with about 35 subscribers. I think most of them were from one question but those are good results in one day from one source.

Free Traffic Methods – Increase Website Visitors for FREE

Ok so now you have my best list building methods. The next thing you need to do is implement them. If you do not have any type of budget, then start with the bottom three. Anyone can join a forum and make 100-300 posts per month. Anyone can also offer knowledge on answer websites like Yahoo!

Make Money Sending Emails

Ok so now you are ready to make money sending emails. You have created a free report, a squeeze page, an auto-responder series, and you have over 50 subscribers in your Aweber account. If nobody buys anything after your first 7 email messages, then try to change things up a little bit for the next subscribers. The main thing to remember is that you need to give quality information more often than make a sales pitch.

As you make more money, purchase some solo ads to keep building your list. As long as you have information that is valuable for people, you will keep subscribers and create loyal customers. So why haven’t you started to ‘make money with emails spam’?

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