How to start e-commerce business || A to Z Easy discussion

How to start an e-commerce business?

What is the e-commerce business, why not start, how to start these words will rotate in the head again to build itself as an entrepreneur in this sector? There is one thing at the core of every business that is R & D. Its full meaning is Research and Development. There is a possibility of successful success in a business entrepreneur’s life, and there is a possibility of not succeeding. But this R & D does not apply properly during the business even after starting a business and starting a business, but you must understand that you are not working hard enough to succeed.

What is the e-commerce business?

The reason for giving so many question marks is its prevalence; your question should be comprehensive. Electronic Commerce means e-commerce in simple terms. Make purchases online, your buyer will love a product online and people who will be interested in buying it, and when that person paid online for buying your product, since then your responsibilities increased. In the first place, you have to confirm the payment online, then you can find the customer’s favorite thing from your stock and deliver it to a product buyer’s address correctly. Here the employer’s responsibility is not complete, the work starts more intensively from here. After getting the buyer product, you should know about the customer service and the feeling about the product, and this customer should be aware of further product purchases and provide better customer support, as well as have a new product that will tell the customer through a courtesy message.

Why do e-commerce business?

Are you responsible enough people? How to give a good service to the people, your thinking about the product will be able to satisfy many other people very well, only then can you enter this business. But there is but!!
 A few years you will have an idea about this business. The technical knowledge and meaning of these two are less likely to succeed in this business will greatly reduce you.
Take the time to find out what you have to know about things that can lead to difficult situations before you go into this business. You need to know all these things about technical issues, product sourcing, product delivery, payment, communication, research, development, customer support, marketing, time management, and how much you know about legal issues.
Now maybe the question may be that I will be a skilled person in these things. But I have to say that if you have the skills to be able to recognize that skilled person and you are skilled then you should know some good things about the whole part of the business and the situation is very well. That’s the main driving force for this business.

How to get started e-commerce business

Before starting a business, you have to think a few things seriously. These things are:

 1. Are you ready for this business?

Whether you are financially and mentally prepared to come to this business. Do you really have enough money? And there is enough amount of confidence in dealing with challenging moments of business. Talk to yourself and think about it. Think and talk again. Learn about your power. Make a full graph or chart about what you can do and how much you can do.

2. Want to work with what product

Set targets on what kind of product you want to sell. Together with several products, it is possible to work with you. What are the products that people really want to buy, the product that can be easily collected or not? If possible, fix how much it can be collected at low cost and how easy it is to collect if it is difficult for you to collect.

3. Product costs and transportation costs

Take a look at how to bring a good product in a short period of time and how much product will cost you. Remember, as low as the cost of the product you can buy and the transportation costs will be reduced, your cost will be significantly lower and you will be able to sell it to the buyer at a lower price. And this cost can be reduced in the competitive market as much as possible for you. You can reach out to the customer as much as you can. Not only how much profit you can make, but you have the goal of how much profit can be sold by buying a good product at a low price.

 4. Protect the quality of the product

Being able to reach product good and nicely protected means is a key step in business. How much time will be good for the product and how to keep it in good condition, it has to be fixed in the right way. The product should be packed well so that it is well preserved. Good idea about the product. The product that has been talked about by the customer has to control the quality indefinitely.

5. Organization name and legal work

The organization name must be determined. If you want to work with a particular product, then the name of the company can be opened in the name of that product, and if you want to work with a number of products, then you should fix the business name of the business accordingly and complete all legal work including the trademark, logo Will be In the selection of the name, it is important to think about the timing of the contemporary words and keywords, and to discuss the time that people like what sounds. Then you will remember the good name. To remember, the first step to make the business is to name the name. People know your organization by name. Name selection and one important thing. Remember, “name is brand”, then you can easily get a good place with your company’s good service.

 6. Select domain and hosting

Domains and hosting must be selected. The domain should be researched about what kind of domain name is website address people will be very much like. It is easy to read and keep a nice name. By the name of which you can attract customers to your service. From the beautiful words known nearby, the name should be determined correctly. A name carries a lot of meaning here. Then the domain providers are giving full control panels whether to keep it in mind. Whether you are giving a secret code or seeing it. Then take care about hosting. You need to be aware of the amount of data and how much bandwidth you need to work with. You must keep an idea of how many people are able to visit your site together, and if you do not have the problem of Website Temporary Unavailable, then you cannot retain the reputation of your site, this is because of the problems of CPU Use Limit, that means more visitors are actually You have to face problems and you should take it according to your own hosting plan. Dedicated hosting server plans to be taken. Like a Linux, VPS or a Cloud Hosting plan, you have to take a plan to provide your hosting support company with similar plan services. Shared hosting cannot be taken, due to this, it is possible to slow down the site because many of these sites are shared in the hosting and therefore the sites are slow. So take care of the hype, cost, uptime, service, and everything. You will also have to be careful about how long the backup will be in this plan. You have to keep the idea that you will have to give backups on the plan for a few days or there will be weeks or months. SSL service is available and can be used for SITE LOCK service and hosting of the site, CDN service.

 7. Create a website platform

Select the CMS or Content Management System, considering what the website’s platform is and which the simplest thing to do is.
 Some notable (CMS or Content Management System)
Open cart – Attractive design and easy-to-use open source content
                       It can be used as a management system.
Magenta – This is one of the popular content management systems created in the Zend Framework.
                     There are many popular features of this popular free e-commerce website
                       Open Source Magenta
Presta shop – Find a CMS or Content Management System based on open source.
                       It is quite popular for beautiful and attractive designs.
Zen cart – A popular open source based CMS is the Zen Cart.
Woo commerce – the Wonderful site can be created through Woo-commerce.
                       Find it in a Word Press plugin.

8. Keyword Research-

Keyword Research will take an entrepreneur a lot forward in his initiative. The keyword can be blogged by reviewing your potential product. The e-commerce site should be working on the keywords that search more people with search keywords in search engines. This will provide information about your company’s product to the customer through social networking and blogging. Paid tool pro (Long tail pro v3) can be used by buying software from and keywords can be researched with paid and free tool Moz.

9. Marketing –

As well as the organization, if you cannot do marketing right then you cannot reach your customers. And the customers will not be able to reach the full business without reaching customers. Social networking needs to be used properly, Facebook, Twitter, and other social network paid advertisements. The page will have to be promoted, along with the page to boost post. Besides, SEO, email marketing, SMS marketing, posting, leaflets, digital ads should all be thought of as an entrepreneur according to his budget. Marketing will be done in the same way as the budget. However, you have to keep in mind that 35-45% of the basic business should be kept in the way of minimum marketing. This allows you to easily reach your product with the customer.

 10. Payment System –

A new entrepreneur needs to have a good idea of what the payment process will be. There will be two medium on cash on delivery and online payments. The customer will have to make an effort to make purchases online with interest over time. This will make shopping process and transaction much easier and cash-on-delivery process will be fully organized. SSL should be kept in place as well as keeping all online payment security at the site. (How SSL works, how detailed it works)

 11. Product Delivery-

It is very good if you can start trekking system during product delivery. If there is no product in the area, then there will be a great combination between the buyer and the seller. If it is possible to tell the buyer how much time it will take to reach the buyer properly, it will make a great deal of interest to buy from the company. During product delivery, the company logo will be packed with wrapping paper very well and should be kept in mind that the quality of the product is good. Then the buyer will get a good product.

12. Customer Support-

There are many issues with the product. To solve those problems, 24-hour customer support will be provided, which will increase the customer’s satisfaction. One of the important aspects of the business can be good use with the customer. If the customer is satisfied with the customer support then the person will be interested in the same company to buy the product. There is a problem that will know about delays and know about what kind of service the customer wants. Good customer support is the organization that plays the role of marketing in this organization. Because the buyer is satisfied and with some others, the people tell about the good service of the company. Everything is in a good way in this case.

13. Team Management:

If an entrepreneur is not able to understand if any person is efficient then all the process chains will not work properly. From the supply to the whole process and payment, Product Sourcing, all the departments are closely related to another department. Each step is likely to succeed only when people in each department work properly and efficiently. That is why training should be done in the session. Once someone’s performance goes down, it is necessary to teach them about skill development and skill development by sending them to a training session. The team will understand the problem. Who has to work in the place where it is actually tied up. However, the organization will do well.

14. Budget Rating:

All the initiatives and tasks to complete a specific budget. The probability of when, where, how to determine how much budget should be determined. The issues arise in the earlier research in the organization. Think of the amount of money that you need to set up, just keep that amount as your supporting budget. In order to support the supportive budget, if there is a problem facing the organization or standing up. This must be done by the entrepreneurs in our country at the beginning of the business. The same budget, budget, the budget you are trading with, how much it will cost to keep an eye on any sector. 35-40 percent of budget money marketing, 35-40 percent of the product and product is available where to get the budget, and the cost of the technical aspects and the cost of running the company will be 20-25 percent of the budget. You can keep a budget as well as understand the different aspects of the budget.

Steps towards business will be the front of the business.

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