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L&T Mutual Fund was established in 1996. The core of this company is to solve investments by providing higher risk-consistent returns in the long run. L&T Mutual Funds offer a wide range of mutual fund schemes across the house equity, fixed income, and fixed maturity plans in the hybrid segment and near-end funds.

The fund follows a strong monitoring and risk management process to make offers according to the needs of different investments.

The top-ranked L&T mutual fund schemes are:

L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund Direct 

L&T India Large Cap Fund Direct

L&T Midcap Fund Direct

L&T Tax Advantage Fund Direct

L&T India Value Fund Direct 

To invest in L&T Mutual Funds you will need some documents to verify your KYC to invest in Mutual Funds in India.

For this, with Paytm Money, you can complete your KYC in a completely digital and hassle-free manner and start investing in L&T Mutual Funds.

If you are going to invest for the first time, you will need the following documents:

PAN card details

Personal details

Address proof

Bank account statement

Nominee and FATCA announcement

But if you are an existing investor, you need to provide some personal and bank account details and you can start investing immediately.

How to register in an l & t mutual fund?

To invest in a mutual fund, you must first register and then login. Because if you are registered here, you can verify your portfolio as per your wish.

To register or log in to l & t mutual fund, first, go to the official website by clicking on this link.

Type your or investor’s PAN number here and click on Process.

On the new page, type your or the investor’s name, phone number, date of birth, Emai ID and, type captcha, trick the term and condition, and click Process.

How can I check my L&T Mutual Fund status?

The missed call to 9212900020 from your registered mobile number gives you a total evaluation of the SMS and a statement in your registered email ID for your folio and related projects.

L&T Mutual Fund status you can know via SMS. Let us know how to write an SMS.

To know the latest NAV write “LNTMF NAV <Scheme Code *> ” to 56767. (from any mobile)

To know the Annual Report write “LTMFARE <space> Folio no” to 567678 (for an electronic copy), LTMFARP <space> Folio no to 567678 (for physical copy) (from any mobile)

To know Half Yearly Portfolio write “LTMFHPE <space> Folio no” to 567678 (for an electronic copy), “LTMFHPP <space> Folio no” to 567678 (for physical copy) (from any mobile)

Toll-Free No. 1800 4190 200 or 1800 2000 400

How can I withdraw money from L&T Mutual Fund?

To submit your Claim Free Mode / Dividend Payment claim, please submit the Claim Unpaid Discount / Dividend Withdrawal Form to the nearest Investor Service Center at your nearest Land End Mutual Fund or to the duly filled and signed CAMS.

Provide your complete bank details (including core banking account number and IFSC). This will help you get the sum directly into your bank account.

For further assistance, please call 1800-2000-400 / 1800-4190-200 (toll-free) and write to [email protected]

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