Make Money Online Blogging – 4 Methods

Learn 4 methods to help you make money online blogging. If you already have a blog, or if you are looking to start one and monetize it, these are 4 methods to make money with it.
There are other ways to make money blogging, but these are usually the most popular and generally accepted methods.

Create a Blog (If you don’t have one)

There are many different services that will let you create your own blog. Among the two most popular are WordPress and Blogger. You will likely have to pay for hosting if using WordPress but Blogger is 100% free.
If you do not have any real technical experience, and you are just looking for a way to publish articles, I would recommend going with Blogger. If you want more advanced options, then look to WordPress. Many of the websites you visit on a daily basis are probably using WordPress.

Make Money Online Blogging

Okay so you have a blog, or you are trying to create a popular blog, and you do not know how to monetize it. This is completely understandable for every new blogger.
First off, remember that you will need to post consistently in order to generate any traffic that is worth monetizing. The more you post, the more fans you can generate, and the more traffic you will ultimately get. Also, connecting with other bloggers in similar niches will help to drive more traffic.

4 Methods to Make Money Online Blogging:

1. Affiliate Programs

Let’s just say you have a hair loss blog. You have 100 unique visitors every day through search engines, online marketing, and fans of your blog. Imagine showing them all your recommended hair loss products and receiving money every time you make a sale. This can help you make hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.
In order to find affiliate programs, you can literally do a search in Google and type “[NICHE] affiliate programs” or for a hair loss website then “hair loss affiliate programs.”
You can also try mediums like Amazon and eBay, and make money every time you make a sale.

2. Advertising

There are ad services like Google Adsense, Infolinks, and Adbrite that will pay you for both visitors and for the number of clicks you generate. This can help make you a lot of money blogging if you have a lot of traffic.
Advertising can also be used along with affiliate programs but you should try not to overdo it. Affiliate programs should not be too intrusive, and advertising should not make your content hard to read.
Your another option is to try to sell your advertising space. If it gets a certain amount of clicks per month, you might be able to make more from a single person who wants that traffic.
3. Paid Posts

If you have a popular blog, people will pay you to post on your website and get a couple links in the article in return. Depending on your traffic, you can make good money and sell one of these per day. Imagine if you charged $5 * 30 days, you would make an extra $150 just like that. Plus, if people are continuously writing content for your website you will generate even more traffic.
So paid posting can pay off in the form of added traffic and for every post you publish.

4. Set-up an Email List

You can use programs like Aweber to build a list of email subscribers. These are usually very targeted and responsive customers. If you can build a large email list then you can make a lot of money.
There are a lot of white hat methods to build your email list very large.

If you use these methods then you can make money blogging.

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