There are 7 ways to reduce the electricity bill ?

There are 7 ways to reduce the electricity bill.

Today’s tutorial is about how to reduce the electricity bill. Flip iTips to save some money. Nowadays, it is not possible for people of the general category to make electricity bills every month. Below are some tips on how to use the necessary electricity.
  1. Switch off: If you do not use Fen, Lamp, TV, Computer, then switch off their switch all the time. If there is a lot of lighting in the night, the balcony or the outside lights are ignored, the electricity bill will be considerably less. Placers should be kept open without using machines or dresses. If you do not use a TV or a computer, keep the slip on or off.
  2. Using the device: Using LED bulb, the cost of electricity will be very low. Where you put 100 watts, you can put 14 watts 6 nos bulbs at the same cost. Also, inverted refrigerators, ATI, washing machines are also available. Using this equipment can be reduced to half the amount.
  3. Controlled use: – Use the ATI, fan, bulb, in the room that is needed in the room that is not used at home. Limit the 25 degrees Celsius in A/C. After cooling down, stop the AC and start the fan. After sleeping in the room, stop all the bulbs and sleep.
  4. Connection: Electricity bills often depend on electricity connection and wire. For example, the use of low-cost items, old model TV, desktop computer, if the connection is poor, then it generates low voltage, which increases the bill.
  5. Use of alternative equipment: In the home cooking, you can use the oven without using a micro-oven. Salt cookers or toasters can be used in the micro-oven without taking the water in the ice can be taken in the water. If the washing machine is not used in the heating water settings, the electricity bill will be less.
  6. Under the limited light of electricity: According to electricity usage, electricity bills are made in each step. According to the VPDC or Descend tariff, if someone is limited to 75 units of electricity, then the bill will be 8 per unit. But the bill up to 76 to 220 units It will be 4.60 rupees. The third step is from 220 to 440 units. In that case, the bill will be 6.7 paise. From 441 units to 660 units, the bill will be paid at the rate of 7.70 rupees. Bills worth 7 Taka 30 paisa from 661 to 880 units. More than that, the bill will be reduced by 8 to 70 paise, which means that if the power consumption is limited in the lower steps.
  7. Natural Energy Use: Now it is mandatory to use solar power in multi-story buildings, electricity companies They can also use solar power, where there is a shortage of electricity or more load-shedding.

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