What is Clickbank? How to create a clickbank account? Step by step

What is Clickbank? How to create a clickbank account? Step by step

What is “Clickbank”

ClickBank information is one of the most popular online websites for buying and selling products. On this forum you can visualize email marketing software, audio books and anything you can imagine to help with public marketing.
Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace, but it is very different from any other affiliate marketplace. There is no limitation here. We can affiliate on it product of Earning and productthe merchandise with that we’ve got connectedpotential customers.
As we tend to all use the Amazon & Flipkart Affiliate Program, we tend to sell the merchandise and earn cashrather like in Clickbank, we will earn cash by commerce product
Once we tend to earn $ fifty commission from Clickbank, we are able to transfer that through PayPal to a checking account. If you would like to pay by check and each week if you’re eligible for direct deposit, payment is paid each a pair of weeks.

We obtain two personality features in Clickbank.

Vendor:- Vendor is the people who sell their product / services using the Clickbank platform. Like if anyone has SEO Services Software and wants to sell it. So he can join Clickbank as a vendor.
Affiliate :- Affiliate people are those who sell the product of another by using the Clickbank marketplace and take commission.
With this, another vital feature is that the Clickbank classthat tells United States of America what reasonably product will we have a tendency to sell as AN affiliate?

we are going to simply follow some easy step followed by our Clickbank account.

Visit the Clickbank signup form.

First of all we have to go to https://www.clickbank.com/ website and click on Start button of upper left site.


Enter your personal information:

  • Preferred language – This is the language in which the user interface and messages in your account are displayed.
  • Country – The country in which you live or where your business operates.
  • First name – your first name
  • Last name – Your last name
  • Avenue Address – The avenue address for you or your business.
  • Apt / Suite / Other – If you or your business has an apartment, suite or other number, then enter that number here.
  • Zip code or postal code – If your country uses a ZIP code or postal code, enter the postal code for you or your business.
  • State or province – state or province where you live or where your business is going.
  • City – The city where you live or where your business is going
  • Phone Number – Primary phone number for you or for your business.
  • Email Address – Email address for you or your business.
  • Click the next step.
  • The Banking Information page has been displayed.

Enter your banking information:


  • Recipient’s name – The recipient’s name is the business or person who receives payments from your ClickBank account. You can change the name of the recipient at any time.
  • Bank Name – The name of your bank
  • Banking country – The country within which you are doing business along with your bank.
  • Tax ID – If your business is based in the US, you must either enter your business’ Employer Identification Number (EIN) or your Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Click the Terms and Conditions link to open a client contract in a new page and review it.
  • After reviewing the customer agreement, come back to the signup page.
  • Check the checkbox indicates that it indicates that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Complete the reCAPTCHA challenge.
  • Click the next step.

The Account Information page is displayed.

  • Enter your account information:
  • Account Alias ​​- Choose an account nickname. Your nickname is used to log in the user interface, this is part of your payment link, and the entry in the comment area of ​​the check sent to you by ClickBank is entered. It should be between five and ten characters and only lowercase letters and numbers should be used. Your nickname can not be changed once your account is created.
  • Password – Create a password for your account. Character and length restrictions area unit displayed on the signup page. You can reset your password via password reset email sent via the UI or email address associated with your account.
  • Link Existing Account – If you have an existing ClickBank account, you can add your new account to your existing account by checking the checkbox and entering your existing account nickname.
  • Click Submit Account Registration.
  • Clickbank client survey is displayed, and a confirmation email is sent to the email address you provided.
  • Fill out the Clickbank shopper Survey and click on submit survey.
Clickbank University page is displayed. Alternatively, you can sign up for Clickbank University to learn more.
Open email and click on the confirmation link.
Your email address has been confirmed and your account is fully formed.
Once you sign up for your Clickbank account and get your password, you can click on Login at the top of the Clickbank site, by entering your nickname and your password, and by passing the remake challenge Can also log in time. If you forget your password, you forgot your password but can get a new one? Below the login box

 How to work in a click bank?

When we login into the Clickbank Dashboard, we tend to get to envision all the classes. Which we can get commission. Together we also get some learning resources through which we can understand about Clickbank business.
As associate degree affiliate, we’ve got to click on the Marketplace choice and from here we are going to get all the Affiliate resources that we will use to form cash.
In the Marketplace we tend to aiming to notice Product categories and a research box. you’ll be able to notice your appropriate affiliate product by exploitation.
If I even have to sell any software system or services associated with SEO. within the Marketplace we’ve an inclination to stand live getting to notice Product classes and a pursuit box.
After researching the resource we’ve to sell the merchandise. Click on the Promote Button given in its aspect. After that, a second window can open before folks which can write our User ID and along a button named produce. we’ve to click on this button.
Now we’ll get affiliate link for that product from here. that we will boost our web site or link to social media.
Friends,What is Clickbank? it’s not necessary to understand concerning it. we have a tendency to all ought to additionally create cash by victimisation Clickbank marketplace. so we will generate some financial gain from this, I even have simply told concerning some basic options and tips related to Clickbank. we’ll still point out Clickbank technology otherwise.
Note – If you are planning to work as a salesperson, you will have to pay the activation fee once you get your first product approval. This fee is $ 49.95 for your first account and $ 29.95 for any additional accounts. For more information, see Create your first product article.

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