What is Fiverr? How to create an Account on Fiverr.com?

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelancing website which is great for some types of work that we’ve already talked about, such as writing and working as a virtual assistant. This is Cl the Great place where you can turn into unique talents (or even extra time) money. Popular services include graphic design, logo design, social media marketing, digital marketing, copying, small video, data entry and voice-over.
You can find fate, customized ropes and more unique services such as clothing, recipes, advice and even spelling. Once you create vendor according, you will be able to create “gig” suggestions and spellings. Once you se. | Create a seller account, but you will be able to create a “gig” product or service provider. They have to sell their gigabytes for just $ 5. Once you’ve gone to fever for a month and done some Souls, you’ll be able to add “extra” jokes that give you express delivery or high quality.


In different categories, vendors fully design their own valuation structure. So $ 5 will not be closed by hostage; The established vendors can make up to 0 amount (up to $ 995) per quantity Fiverr is a popular market, so your gigs can probably get a lot of traffic. It is assumed that Fiver transfers all your sales, commission for $ 20 or $ 1 fee each time. ‘

Keep in mind that at the beginning, you only make $ 4 for the order. Something that you can do quickly so you need to structure your gig a bytes. This means that you cannot provide high quality services. For example, if you want to offer the video creation service you can create a gigabyte for videos that are only 30 seconds long. If a customer wants a long video, they can order multiple gigs.
Fiverr is starting to be the toughest part of the success. When you are starting, it is: (1 good idea to browse through customer requests, search the requests that match your service, and quote the link and click on your quote and respond to this link.
Fiverr uses algorithm to decide where gigs rank in search results. They include a factor in your “feedback rate,” or percentage of what percentage you respond to within 24 hours. This means that your messages are important for checking and responding at least once.


Fever Academy: It is a collection of Fiver’s guidelines for the seller. It explains all the features of Fever, as well as helpful tips for more production and better salespeople.
Fever Forum: Fiverr is active where buyers and vendors come to celebrate both questions, complaints, and their success. Experienced vendors have a strong community that can answer your questions whenever you encounter problems. Now sell or sell!

How to create an Account on Fiverr.com?

  1. Type Fiverr.com, then go to Fiverr on the page, click on the right side of the Join bottom, this time by typing in your Gmail, or Facebook or Email, and also put in the box.
  2. After typing username and password in the next page, just click it to the join bottom.
  3. You can link a conformation to your email from the fiverr. Open your email and then click the link by sanding to that link.
  4. After verification of your account, you will find the page in the home of the Fiver, if you want to sell it here, click start selling. Then, if you want to buy then buyer click.
  5. Become a Seller in the Bottom, after you have click your profile page will be open, you have to fill your bio-data here. For example- Availability> Part time / Full time, Languages> English> Add New, Skills> Logo Design> Graphics Design, Education, Certification, Profile Photo, Description. Please write some comment about what you do and what you want to do. Then click on Continue and Create your first Gig.

Your account is complete. Now you can upload your account by creating a gig with what you do. So you know what is Fiverr and how to create a account. Thank you.

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