What is Freelanceing? Make Money Freelance Writing tips

You can easily earn some extra money from freelance writing. Thousands of people make money freelance writing every day. With the internet, it has become easier and easier to become a freelance writer. This article will teach you how to get started and what websites to use in order to maximize your profitability.

What is Freelancing?

If you are a freelancer, then you would be self-employed and work on your own schedule. Freelancing involves completing different jobs or projects and getting paid for them. Some freelance workers are employed by a company while others work completely independently.


What is Freelance Writing

Freelance writing involves a worker who simply writes articles and gets paid for them depending on the quality, length, and topic. If you want to get started in freelance writing, you must be able to write several articles at a time efficiently and at a high quality. Freelance writers who stay committed can earn some good money while seriously adding to their writing skills. Over time, you might realize that you have the skills and potential to write a book or become an editor.

Top Freelance Websites

Personally, I have used Elance out of the ones in the list below. However, all three websites have thousands of open writing jobs and plenty of money to be made. I recommend you read through the differences in all three websites before you commit to one. Once you commit to one, stick with it because you will build a reputation.
§  Elance
§  oDesk
§  Witmart
You can click any of the links above and they will take you directly to the freelance website.

Make Money Freelance Writing

How Much Money Can I Make Freelance Writing?

Some people are able to make a full-time income by simply freelance writing. They all started where you are today, just trying to find ways to use their skills to make extra cash. The only difference between you and a freelance writer is that they are out doing consistent work. If you make it your goal to earn an extra income from freelance writing, you can easily start earning today.

Get Started

1. Join one of the 3 websites above

They will all give you the opportunity to make money freelance writing. These websites have thousands of open jobs and millions of dollars paid out per month to freelance writers. All have been known to pay out on time and be legitimate freelancing websites.
2. Apply for open jobs

Look for jobs through the freelance website of your choice. You will find that you are generally paid for the length, quality, and topic of your article. An article about a specialized subject like high-frequency trading will likely be worth more than an article about how to lose weight. Therefore, it is important to understand what knowledge you possess and how much it is worth. However, it is not difficult to simply do a little research and then write an article on a topic.
3. Start Writing

People will approve you when you start applying for jobs. You just have to start writing the articles after that. Remember, turning out quality articles and spending the extra 5-10 minutes to edit content can go a long way. If you write articles that help sell products, people will pay you A LOT! Your ultimate goal is to build on your skills and find ways to keep being profitable.
4. Collect Money

After you submit an article, you will be paid for it. Make sure you are writing according to the needs of the job. If you are able to turn out 10-15 articles per day, you can make enough extra money for gas and groceries.
5. Repeat This Process and Look for Profitable Jobs

As you keep writing articles, it will only make sense that you will want more money for the work you are doing. After all, you will improve on your writing skills after writing only about 10 articles. Each article will help your grammar and readability. Therefore, it is possible that you can try to find a contract on an eBook or else you might just decide to write and sell your own eBook.

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