What is Jio Fiber? How to apply Jio Fiber new connection? Jio home Internet.|| Step to step tips


What is Jio Fiber? How to apply Jio Fiber new connection? Jio home Internet.|| Step to step tips

What is Jio Fiber?

Jio Fiber is an internet broadband service that allows me to enjoy high-speed data. Jio Company’s new service is called Giga Fiber. The term fiber means that this service is launched to speed up the internet. There will be data speeds ranging from 100 Mb to 1 Gb per second That means any file will be downloaded as soon as it is clicked. With this service, you can enjoy some more services such as live TV and fixed a Land phone.

Jio home Internet Speed and Plan

According to the customer’s family, Jio has also brought a huge explosion, pushing them all to announce the launch of Reliance Jio Fiber service. The service will also be launched from September 5. First three months free, then you will get cable, phone, and internet service in your room for only 7 hundred rupees only. The service has a monthly plan ranging from Rs. 700 to 10000 thousand. Get 100 Mbps internet service at the lowest cost. If you spend a little money you will get 1 Gbps.


Jio Giga Fiber Landline Service

From this fixed-land phone, you can make free phone calls to any number of the country. By availing this service, you will get a free voice call local and STD will be lowest charged for the international call. To a lesser extent, everyone knows the Jio-fiber extension but to a lesser extent how to get this service and how to start a landline service.
Nowadays everyone has downloaded the Jio app on mobile if it is not downloaded then download it. How to apply this service to Jio Fiber’s high-speed broadband and landline service.

 How to apply Jio Fiber new connection? Let’s discuss it in detail here.

1. First, download the Jio App on your smartphone from the Play Store and register with your mobile number.
2. Log in to the My Jio app.
3. This time, click on the New Account link in the Jio app.
4. Click on the Jio Giga Fiber option.
5. If you do not have your mobile number here then fill the service ID and click Generate OPT
6. An Option will go to your Registrar Mobile Number, type this number here and click on submit option.
7. Select an account and select recharge.
8. After clicking on the option, you will see Geo Fixed Voice Notification.
9. Now go to an OTP on the registered mobile number, verify that OTP. Your email ID will also be mailed.
10. This service will be started only after recharging. Your service will start as soon as you recharge.
11. Calling service will start once you connect to the back of the router using any landline phone and 11 no. jack. Or You can also start this service from the Mobile App.

Click This Link (Download My Jio for Android)

Click This Link (Download My Jio for Apple)

Alas Friends, I hope this post helps you. Know what and how to start this service.

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