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What is Tiktok?

Tiktok as we know it now started as two separate applications, both originating in China.
First started as Dwayne in China but is internationally renamed Tiktok. Tiktok/Devin initially found most of its supporters in Asia in 2018, but the owners of Tiktok decided to buy Musical.ly.
They have rebranded Titcock, a combined application outside China. They still operate their original Dwayne app in China.
Since the launch of TwitchCo in 2018, marketers have been trying to wrap their minds around the odd-ball video platform.


There are a number of great reasons that influencer marketing can be useful in a new or niche apps like TikTalk.

First, instead of spending weeks or months deciding what the app and it’s content will be attractive to, you can work with an influencer who has a decent following, high-engagement video and a visible track record audience to reach the ticket.
Additionally, this technique can also limit the time and resources required to create your own video.
Instead of deciding how the app works, it feeds on all its features and launches a bunch of videos that get no sign.
You can already work with an influencer who already has a large, engaged audience and can create quality content for you.
If you do not have the funds to pay for an influencer, creating Tiktok content with a user or brand will help your audience learn to co-market about that brand.
Impressive marketing can be an incredibly useful way to spread awareness of your brand new the platform when it comes to most social media channels.
While you must watch a user’s number of followers, total likes, and views and views of individual videos, you must also check your content in order to see if it is attractive, good quality, in combination with your brand.
 You may also want to look at a pre-sponsored campaign that posted an influential account to see how they creatively work on the product, brand, or person they are sponsoring.
Once you’ve started working with Tektoc creators, you may also want to bring some unique Tiktok video ideas to the table that will arouse users’ interest while properly highlighting your brand.

8 Sponsored Tiktok Promotions

1. The Mucinex

One of the biggest influencers in Titanic’s campaign so far is Mucinex, which recently worked with several manufacturers to promote its products during the Halloween and flu seasons.
This is a great example of how a brand can create a number of influencers and an interesting holiday theme to create a viral campaign where multiple influencers can touch multiple audiences at once.
 Although your company may not be able to have multiple large influencers at the same time, you may still want to take a note from MUSINEX and work with multiple affordable key creators with a broad audience.

2. Target and Vera Bradley

In a recent back-to-school themed Tiktokvideo, the influential Victoria Bachelet presents a montage of video clips.
The video was aimed at spreading brand awareness for both self-care product collections of Vera and Bradley X Ventures.
Bachelet, a follower of 2.5 million tweets, often uses his tweet as a vlog where he draws viewers into his daily life.
She posts about Shaw romance, parties, self-care and many other things that adolescent or young-adult women can relate to.
Because Target markets itself to different age groups and is a business that many young people enjoy shopping.
Although the video caption clearly states that the post is an advertisement, it appears to have been created by the influencer himself.
The strategy to showcase the customer or influencer shopping experience can also work for small businesses on Tiktok or other video-friendly social media platforms.

3. Face too

Cosmetics the brand has sponsored a video by top tattooed user Kristen Hancher to raise awareness for Two Face’s new Demon Girl mascara.
In the video, Hatcher, a blogger with more than 23 million Twitter followers, sings on camera without any eye makeup.
The video will then cut her singing with mascara on her face as she flashes a bottle of mascara in front of the camera.
This video catches the viewer very quickly, which is very important for an app like TickTalk, where you can simply swipe to another video in your own feed if specific content isn’t immediately yours.
In addition to Tiktok, Internet users and most social platforms are gaining momentum.
Because of this, being able to create short videos that highlight the value proposition of your product can be incredibly useful and essential to your future marketing strategies.
Even if you don’t want to use Tiktok for social media marketing, creating video content that catches the viewer’s attention can be beneficial on most major platforms today.


4. Blinkers and naughty cool toys

In a recently sponsored video, Tiktok influencer Jasmine Gonzalez takes off her brother’s shoe decorates them with the Blinker Kit from Wicked Cool Toys, and returns them to their excited happy brother.
Gonzalez’s Tiktok video is both fun and entertaining, which makes the idea of ​​bigger and shoe decoration memorable.
Similarly as a more conventional commercial, the video also shows how people like Gonzalez’s brother can enjoy kit decorated items every day.

5. Run around

Recently Run Around, a smartphone game that requires your character to run a full circle with no interruptions, has lifted a gaming influencer, Candice 867, for sponsored content.
In the Tiktok video, Candice just recorded her screen and her voice as the game played:
The content of the video-game shown above is not unfamiliar to this particular influencer’s channel. In fact, all the posts on her tweet are just videos of her playing mobile games.
This the video will probably be seen by video game-based followers of Candice, a great piece of sponsored content as it shows potential users exactly what the game is and how it is playing.
 If the game looks fun, it may be quick for visitors to go to the App Store and find it.
Like the other videos in this list, content try to capture attention by showing how its product works as quickly as possible.

6. Just Dance

In another video game-oriented post, an influential Just Dance named Jelena posted a sponsored duet video with a 2019 character during the duel, the influencer following the same dance steps as the character to the right of the video.
For those who are familiar with Just Dance Games, each version of the game allows you to follow the steps of dancing cartoon characters to the sounds of popular music.
Games can also record you dancing next to the dance characters so you can see how close your moves were to them.
This is a fun video for the dominant viewer as they will see how close his moves are with the characters, but it reminds the audience what it will be like to have fun playing the game.
If viewers haven’t played a Just Dance game in the past, a video show like Zelina might interest them.

7. Frail

To promote its smoothness and milkshakes, Frial has sponsored a fun video from the Hooter Family, a Twitter account that follows the daily family.
In the video skit a boy tells his mother that there is something wrong with his brother. When the mother filming the video goes out, she finds that her son is “hanged.”
The video brings his boys to a convenience store, where they feed the boy to the boy with a “hanger” on the frill.

8. Red Bull

In a recent video by Kehoe, a tweeter user, the small-scale influencer with around 2 Millions of followers made viewers think he was going to do some magic trick with Red Bull.
This Red Bull Magic Trick video is simple, quite fun and doesn’t seem to be difficult to make.
Still, it’s quite memorable because of its joke. Although the content doesn’t make Red Bull looks like a great product, you can still remember the brand because of the entertainment brake.
Furthermore, if an underage person sees an influencer who follows Red Bull’s featured techniques or skits, they may be more interested in the product or feel that the influencer is approving it because they also enjoy the product.
What does a successful Tiktok influencer promote?
If you are interested in employing influencers on Twitter or other social platforms, keep these ideas in mind and work with them to create interesting content for you:
Look for influencers who have a strong sense of what great content is on their platform:
You’ll also need to see the video comments, feedback counts, and followers of an influencer to see if the following is set up.
Vet an effect similar to sea viewer: it makes your own suggestions feel more natural and less like an advertisement.
A great example of this is how Run Around is sponsored content from a mobile gamer that follows a high tech.
Brainstorm ideas that align well with the content of your influencer, as well as your brand’s goals:
If the influencer has no idea in mind, fast-moving social media catches attention from the audience and briefly explain why your product matters.
Only trying to wrap your mind just about this whole Tiktok thing?
We’ve got lots of blog posts to help you catch a brief history of the app, learn how to use the app, get inspiration from successful brand accounts, and find the statistics you need.

Why should you use Ticketok for influencer marketing?

As with all influencers and social media marketing you should avoid being too marketable to Tiktok.


This is especially so because of the young population of Tiktak – brands find it notoriously difficult to reach Generation Z because of complete disdain for anything that looks like a traditional ad.
Like all influencer marketing, the key to TicketKick’s success is working with influencers whose followers match your target market.
Therefore, for effective marketing to be successful for you, you need to apply to the Tiktok Demographic.
So, if you are in any way selling fashion accessories for tweens and teens, use influencer marketing.
If you say tools for divers, Ticketok marketing probably won’t make a good investment.
You can market tickets without using influencer marketing.
Tiktok has taken some time to implement this, but now has a formal advertising system.
You can also, try promoting a business using a Tiktok account. However, like all social networks, it can be tough to build a large audience for your organization to hear the message.
This is especially true for most business people who do not have the same demographic the staff as the audience and no company is struggling to run an account.
It is much easier for most brands to work with established broadcasters of Tiktak – their influencers – then create an account with favorite and multi-follower companies.
Choosing the right influencer for your brand, No matter what social channel you use for your influencer marketing.
The number one rule is to choose the right influencer for your brand.
You first, need to ensure that your brand’s targeted customers use Tiktok. Are you focusing on the ideal population?
Assuming that you are selling to a young audience you need to consider what types of videos will most likely attract your target market.
What they are going to be most interested in is the original music videos of Tiktok, what they show beauty tips in more clips.
 Are they in comedy sketches or even skateboarders performing tricks?
Then you will want to find popular Tiktok influencers who apply to the same niche as your primary target customers.
If you need help finding a relevant influencer, you might consider working with an influencer platform.
We’ve seen the 7 best platforms to find influencers on Tiktok before.
The advantage of finding popular influencers in your niche in Ticket is that they will be followed by a plethora of attractive, engaged people who will catch a video of any product they share about your product/brand.
Always remember, however, that relevance is more important than reaching.
Don’t just opt ​​for the Tiktok influencers with the broadest following – go with the most appropriate audience for your goals.
Once you have selected the appropriate influencers you will need to contact them and create partnerships.
You need to make sure any deal is acceptable to your influencers.
If there is nothing for them they do not want to get involved and they can see how it can help their followers.

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